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The spatial proximity of our design division to production and inspection facilities, and our in-house engineering division is one of the major advantages of TSA. In addition, we use state-of-the-art technologies and tools to develop our drives, motors and gearboxes.

Years of experience have provided us with profound and detailed knowledge on motors and gearboxes. If you bank on a complete TSA drive system you profit in several ways. Engine and transmission are consistent in their design guidelines, use the same standard and catalogue parts as well as consumable material. As a result, they allow for shared documentation, training units and overlapping design and evaluation processes. This, in turn, ensures an optimal product in the shortest possible delivery time.

Our products give you many advantages:

All machines are customised to meet your needs.

The TSADURĀ® Class 220 insulation system offers a high degree of electric, mechanical and thermal reliability.
Our motors are electromagnetically optimised for inverter operation in order to, for example, reduce harmonic loss which can be induced by the converter.
Structural designs withstand mechanical shocks of up to 100 g.
Our products have a life expectancy in excess of 30 years.
High performance and torque density result in low weight and minimum space requirements.
Copper cage rotors contribute to higher efficiency and lower rotor temperatures (as compared to other rotor materials).
Our various cooling concepts are aligned to the respective application requirements.
We use insulated bearings and/or earthing brushes to avoid converter-induced bearing currents.

Long-Life Value Service

We offer technical customer service as well as electrical and mechanical engineering services. Our Long-Life Value Service ensures guaranteed value of your vehicle throughout the lifecycle of the product.
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