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July 16, 2020
Next Stop: Easymobile Station Griesfeld
Just like vehicles in almost 60 countries worldwide, the Badner Bahn is powered by electric motors by Traktionssysteme Austria.
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June 22, 2020
New Rotor Assembly Line at TSA
The rotor assembly line for the production of rotating components for our electromechanical drives has been in operation since the beginning of the year in Wiener Neudorf. About 3 years ago we developed a Production Roadmap which contains the future orientation of our production until 2025.
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November 21, 2017
Waste Management
Traktionssysteme Austria manufactures up to 5,000 machines per year. There are several waste categories which have to be considered during the production process. An accurate Waste Management is of high importance to us. Let us show you how we structured our waste disposal system and arranged the drop-off stations, which garbage categories can be recycled and what can be converted into thermal energy. Find out many interesting facts in this video – enjoy!
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June 22, 2017
Our High Potential Program
Identifying and developing high-potential employees is a major topic in many organizations. How does a company identify and cultivate employees with the potential to be star performers? It requires a full assessment of an employee’s capabilities, skills, mindset and behavior which needs to be combined with the company’s expectations, values and strategic direction.

Let us show you in this video how Traktionssysteme Austria implemented its High Potential Program – enjoy!
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March 01, 2017
Biggest bang for the buck
In the latest video of our successful format TSA Company Newsflash, we show you optimized workflows in our manufacturing hall which helped us in achieving additional cost saving in the fields of energy, optimized resource utilization and smart maintenance of operating equipment.
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