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December 06, 2018

TSA wins Spanish tender for high-speed trains

Traktionssysteme Austria has been selected to provide traction motors for the new Talgo high-speed trains for Spanish rail operator Renfe. This prestigious project includes 30 new Avril vehicles by Talgo, which will run at a maximum speed of 330 km/h. 15 trains will be equipped with special bogies for variable gauges, enabling vehicles to be used on tracks outside Spain as well.
Bilbao-based Ingeteam Power Technology S.A. is responsible for the complete drive system for this high-speed technology. TSA has been in close cooperation with the propulsion manufacturer in order to develop optimized lightweight and high-performance traction motors for both bogie types. We are proud to supply the motors for Talgo´s most advanced innovation Avril – the sustainable and most efficient high-speed train that combines maximum speed and low energy consumption in an extremely lightweight single-deck.

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