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November 07, 2019

TSA Company Newsflash - New Silk Road

Currently European companies have three options to ship their goods from Asia: by the ocean-bound route (cheap but slow), via air (faster but considerably more expensive) or by train. Traktionssysteme Austria‘s container was in transit for about 12 days from China to Austria a couple of months ago, which seems to be an ideal alternative as it is faster than the marine transport and cheaper than shipping by air.
In our latest newsflash video, Mr. Thomas Kargl, Member of the Board at Rail Cargo Austria, shares some interesting facts about the transport of goods from Asia to Europe along the New Silk Road.

Watch the interview with TSA CEO Günter Eichhübl on Facebook, Linkedin or on our Homepage and find out more interesting facts about Traktionssysteme Austria.

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