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March 26, 2018

TSA awards top suppliers

In order to reassert the importance of supplier relations for the success and quality of our company, Traktionssysteme Austria hosted its first Suppliers Day on March 14 in Wiener Neudorf. We invited our 25 top suppliers in the following categories: casting, electrical steel sheets, coil copper, insulation material, copper rods and copper rings, mechanical processing and punching.
 After several interesting company presentations, a tour through the manufacturing hall and a demonstration of our new powder coating plant, the participants also joined for lunch.

The three best suppliers SKF, Tepro and Partzsch were awarded quality certificates as they have demonstrated significant and new improvements to meet on-time delivery and order specifications, as well as proven continual enhancement through documented value-add projects.
The event was well received by our business partners and provided a good opportunity for TSA to share information with its suppliers – something that would not have been possible in one-to-one discussions. A very successful event which should be repeated at least every 2 years!

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