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February 11, 2021


YouTube is one of the most popular online platforms in the world where you can find videos to almost any topic you can think of. It has also become an indispensable source of information in the business world, including the B2B environment.
Traktionssysteme Austria is the leading manufacturer of electromechanical high performance drives for rolling stock and commercial road vehicles. For several years now, we have been posting Company Newsflash videos about developments and news regarding TSA on our Homepage.

The time is now – Find TSA Newsflash videos also on Youtube
Check out our very first video about our new 250 ton eccentric press or TSA’s Apprenticeship program, our video about vocational training at the TSA Academy, our clip about the purchase of the company building and how we renovated the premises in Wiener Neudorf as well as the video about our honey project with TSA bees on the company roof. We keep our customers, business partners, employees and all our fans posted with our Company Newsflash.

In our video New Rotor Assembly Line we show you how we optimized our manufacturing process and master the challenge of achieving an output increase on the current production area. In the New Silk Road you will learn that we do not only manufacture electric motors for rail vehicles, we also use the eco-friendly transport route by train in order to ship goods from our suppliers to Wiener Neudorf. Find out that TSA also knows how to party! We show you the great atmosphere at the Vienna Business Run 2019 and we let you have a look at our annual Summer Party where the TSA Community had a blast by turning the motto ‘Let the Sunshine in’ into the best event of the year.

From now on, you can find all our videos in a fresh and new design on our YouTube channel as well!

You still have not joined the TSA fan community on YouTube?

Well, it’s about time! We regularly create Newsflash videos to show you what we do and what we are especially proud of. Add Traktionssysteme Austria to your YouTube favorites and always be one of the first to know when we upload a new and interesting video. We are passionate about the development and production of electric motors and electric drives and we want to share this passion with the world. Become a member of the TSA Community and help us to design the electromobility of tomorrow.

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