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July 20, 2020

Project ‘Lighthouse 3‘ creates new open-space environment

The final big construction phase of the Lighthouse series was successfully completed last week. More than 50 employees of the entire Engineering team moved back into their old, yet completely redesigned office area on the 2nd floor.
The former outmoded open-plan office was given a totally new look as part of the renovation. Several conference rooms separate the individual zones of the Engineering teams which breaks down the wide room into smaller areas and gives the large area a new structure.

For all 3 Lighthouse projects we used high quality sound insulation material. The appropriate workplace illumination can now be performed through new glazing of the skylight domes as well as by using selective lighting with modern LED lights. The new ventilation system and air-condition rounds off the positive atmosphere and appearance for the space as a whole.

The acclimatization process hast started already and it is the first step into the future of new collaboration. We are sure that the new environment with a variety of communication options will bring additional benefits for different needs at the office.

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