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July 06, 2020

One more success! TSA‘s motors to be delivered to Australia again

Once again TSA was awarded to design and deliver 312 traction motors for 19 diesel electric units for New South Wales (NSW) in Australia.

CAF Spain already started manufacturing 29 Diesel Electric Multiple Units (DEMUs). 10 national trains will connect the cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, another 19 vehicles will cover regional routes in NSW.

The final assembly of the trains will be performed in the new service and maintenance center in Dubbo, 300 km north-west of Sydney.

The DEMUs will be operated by NSW TrainLink and are expected to enter passenger service in 2023. The trainsets will be equipped with CCTV monitoring, charging points for electronic devices and accessible toilets. The new vehicles will replace the existing diesel fleet XPT, Xplorer and Endeavour, some of which have been in operation for almost 40 years.
Photo © CAF

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