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July 16, 2020

Next Stop: Easymobile Station Griesfeld

Just like vehicles in almost 60 countries worldwide, the Badner Bahn is powered by electric motors by Traktionssysteme Austria.
The Griesfeld station is located only a few minutes from the TSA Headquarter in Brown-Boveri-Str. 1 in Wiener Neudorf. This station was renovated in 2018 and is now equipped with comprehensive services like rentable bikes, vending machines and an electric charging station.
The idea to combine different forms of mobility and services was perfectly realized at this Badner Bahn station which is why Griesfeld is a deserving winner of the VCÖ Mobility Award. Find out in our latest newsflash which TSA motors have been used for the route Vienna – Baden (and back) since day one!

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