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October 25, 2019

Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) on tour through Europe

The Railway Technical Tour 2019 (RTT) of the Railway Division of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) has taken the participants through the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Austria. A group of 40 engineers visited Traktionssysteme Austria‘s headquarter in Wiener Neudorf where the delegates took part in a tour through the company premises. In a workshop, TSA engineering experts presented current areas of development like high-speed drives, high-temperature insulation systems and permanent-magnet traction drives.
The annual RTT offers new graduates, mid-career and experienced engineers the chance to study technologies and operations of railways on an international level. The main benefits for the participants are the professional development and the acquisition of knowledge and knowhow by learning from experienced engineers worldwide. This year‘s tour was organized and led by Gianluca Bush (Eversholt UK Rails Group), Bridget Eickhoff (Rail Safety and Standards Board, UK) and Felix Schmid (University of Birmingham). The visit at TSA was one of the main highlights for the participants and an opportunity for a possible future cooperation. 

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