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March 17, 2021

How energy efficiency works in an industry company

Improving energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important key to success. Saving costs, increasing profitability and promoting the protection of our environment are topics that Traktionssysteme Austria deals with on a daily basis as a manufacturing industrial company.

We produce around 6,000 sustainable electric drives in Wiener Neudorf per year. Vehicles equipped with traction systems by TSA move millions of people and goods in Austria and around the world. As an innovative company, we are also committed to implementing processes that save resources and energy in our development as well as in our production.

We have already successfully implemented numerous energy efficiency measures at our plant in Wiener Neudorf. These include the reduction of greenhouse gases by switching to 100% hydroelectric power as well as the use of our compressed air supply system for heat recovery. In our latest Company Newsflash we will show you how much energy we saved by implementing the appropriate measures within the last couple of years.

Image source: Canva Photos

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