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November 06, 2020

Another Major Investment – New Paint System for TSA in Wiener Neudorf

Traktionssysteme Austria (TSA) invested EUR 750,000 in a new industrial painting system at the company headquarters in Wiener Neudorf in order to modernize the coating process. We put much emphasis on the careful use of resources as well as the shortening of production cycles for our electric motors when we were scouting for the right coating line. With this project, all our investment plans for the year 2020 are now completed as scheduled.

The painting process has now changed to the extent that rotors are no longer coated lying down but in a hanging position. A further lifting and lowering station now enables to work ergonomically in the painting area. The new floor extraction system has a beneficial impact on the quality of surfaces as well as on the emissions that are generated during the coating process.

Our electric motors are in use all around the world and have to work reliably as well as efficiently under any climatic conditions. The optimized coating protects the electric drives throughout the entire product life cycle at temperatures ranging from -40 to more than +40°C.

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