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A single solutions provider, many advantages

Three pillars to your success.

  • Availability of exchange motors
  • Comprehensive function tests and production testing
  • Original manufacturer’s warranties

We have made it our business to contribute to the success of our customers with our products and solutions. We know which technologies are state-of-the-art today and which requirements must be met tomorrow. As the sole manufacturer of traction motors, we can evaluate a drive unit consisting of motor and gearbox using a holistic approach.

With TSA’s long-life value service, your processes are sure to meet today’s challenges and seize tomorrow’s opportunities. As experienced experts, we assist you along the entire product lifecycle, and in every phase, we know exactly how we can best contribute to the success of your project. While safety and profitability are our highest priority, our solutions and range of products also contribute to retaining the value of your drive.

With TSA’s long-life value service you get:

  • Reliable due to regular maintenance
  • Plannable service intervals, no surprise failures
  • Cost control through individual contracts

As manufacturer of the original equipment, we ensure our customers continued operation. By being able to provide exchange motors in the event of repair or maintenance, our services can be carried out demounted from the vehicle, and our customers can resume the transport of passengers and goods as fast as possible.
  • Flexible service level
  • Individual maintenance and service concepts, aligned to business and operational processes
  • Regular maintenance
  • Fast response in case of service – a single solutions provider, exchange motors for various applications in stock

  • For TSA motors and gearboxes as well as products of other manufacturers
  • More than 60 years of experience
  • Engineering know-how