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Our benchmark: client satisfaction

Rotating electric components in traction systems are our core business. We manufacture sustainable, resource-efficient and energy-efficient products, placing great value on operative excellency and efficiency in all our processes, which form the key components of our understanding of quality and the basis of our quality management.
In the development and manufacture of new products we give priority to quality, environmental protection and the protection of our employees as well as safety aspects. Our commitment is well-documented, with the TSA quality management system being certified according to ISO 9001, supported and advanced by the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS). In addition to our quality management system, the environment management system has been incorporated according to ISO 14001 and the energy management system according to ISO 50001.

It is our objective to continuously advance our processes and products both by efficient monitoring and controlling of key figures and through quality and environmentally conscious thinking and actions. It matters to us to inform and sensitise our clients, suppliers and employees about quality, environmental and safety conscious actions that go beyond legal requirements.

TSA carries out thorough evaluations of the impact of new technologies prior to their introduction, paying attention to the economic use of the required resources as well as the use of environmentally-friendly processes and materials. Our contractors are informed about these basic principles and committed to designing their method of operation according to our requirements


Quality Management System ISO 9001

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